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Roofing services are inevitable for a homeowner or business owner in central Florida. Between the sun blasting on your roof and the hurricanes that cause damage, repairs and replacements are common in this area. And it can get overwhelming – especially if you are not able to get onto your roof to see the damage yourself. That is why you need a trusted company to do the job for you. Our number one priority has always been and will always be our customers.

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We will always provide you with the best service, quality workmanship, and affordable roofing options. Our team stays up to date on the best and newest technologies, techniques, and equipment.

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As lifelong Polk County residents, we know the entire area very well. We truly want what is best for our communities and we feel proud to help by providing quality roofing to Poinciana residents and businesses.

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Fair, Transparent, and Honest

Our roofers will always show up at the scheduled time and complete the job in the allotted time frame. When we tell you a timeline for a job, we stick to it. And if anything comes up to change it, we will let you know immediately.

Poinciana Roofing Services

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Roof Inspections

It is important to keep up with annual inspections. Since you probably typically do not spend much time up on the roof (and for good reason), you lack the same knowledge as experienced professionals, and so it is easy to overlook a problem on your roof that could be serious.

A roof should be inspected at least once per year and after every severe storm, and there is a good reason for that. Intense Florida hurricane winds can rip off old shingles and impact the vulnerable areas of your roof. Without an inspection, this can lead to damage. 

Roof Repairs

Repairs at some point are inevitable, especially in a state like Florida where tropical storms and hurricanes bring on fierce winds that can easily cause damage. Whether you have TPO/flat roofing, shingles, tile, metal, or other materials, our team can fix anything for both residential and business properties.

Our experts have seen and done it all when it comes to repairs. Here are just a few of the most common repairs that we see.

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Full roof replacement in Lakeland

Full Roof Replacements

One of the top considerations for homeowners or building owners when replacing a roof is the total cost of the project. But more important than the cost of the project is the reputation and credibility of the company. When you need a full replacement, you should shop around at different local roofing companies to find the best one for your situation.

If you think you may need a new roof, look for these signs. They are indicative of the need for new roofing.

NOTE: If you have a shingle roof, you can get between 10 and 15 years for a lifespan. Metal and tile roofs typically last upwards of 30 years and can last up to 75.

Poinciana Roofing FAQs

If you have questions about insurance, financing, or any of our Haines City roofing services, read our FAQs.

It is hard to estimate the cost of your repair or replacement without assessing the damage. We provide free inspections and estimates so we can see what is wrong with your roof and which services we should provide. When you call for repair or installation, we may ask about the types of materials we are working with and the dimensions of your roof. If you do not have this information, our roofers can perform the necessary measurements for you. Our contractors will then calculate a fair and competitive estimate that includes parts and labor and no hidden charges of any kind.

Some projects require placing a layer of waterproof shingle underlayment (WSU) over the existing shingles for extra moisture protection. Ask your roofing professional when calling for your free estimate.

Even if your roof has not failed yet or it has not suffered an accident, it may still need to be completely replaced. You should consider replacing your roof if you notice shingle edges that are curled, or if you see cupped shingle tabs. Look for bald spots where granules are missing or shingles have cracked. Look at the shingles themselves and determine if they look old and worn. If so, you might want to call for a complete re-roof by Poinciana roofing experts. 

Why Choose Us For Your Poinciana Roofing Needs?

Don’t settle for less! Research and shop around until you find the best roofing company in Poinciana. If you think you need a replacement, call Stronghold Roofing & Solar to get the best value for your hard-earned money. We will provide you with the best quality of service from start to finish. 

After you get your inspection with us and choose us as your local roofer, we will be with you until well after your replacement is complete. If you ever have any questions during the process, ask away. We are committed to being honest and transparent.

Our goal is always to provide you with the best service and make the installation process as easy as possible for you. Give us a call today to get started – we are here to help you!