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Renowned as the top-notch roofing service provider in Winter Haven, FL, our expertise in the field is unparalleled. Simply put, roofing is our passion. The quality of our work stands as testament to our industry-leading professionals.

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Our Customers Love Us

Renee Hutchinson
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They were professional. My home that I purchased had severe leaks they came over prior to booking date sealed my roof with roofing paper to prevent further exposure. I loved the photos of roof before during and after. They were reliable and used quality products. Would highly recommend if you need a new roof
Nerrica Devine
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I advise anyone that needs to have work done on their roof to call and let these guys do the job. Thank you John Turner for the calls and photo texts throughout the process to ensure my husband and I were satisfied...
Val Morgan
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I rarely give reviews but that is how I found this company. They are terrific to work with! I needed a new roof for my home, Trevor was a awesome point of contact from giving the estimate to keeping me updated to...
Ed Flood
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Just had our roof replaced with a new architectural shingle roof and Stronghold Roofing did an excellent job. Ben was very professional and took care of us. He made sure that all of our concerns were addressed.
Leeann Stiebles
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I had new roof put on my home. The crew came in and installed the roof in a day. The workmanship was awesome. I would highly recommended Stronghold roofing if you’re in the market for a new roof. Brian made sure the job was completed as planned. Great customer service!

We're More Than Just Your Typical Roofing Company

Our team at Winter Haven, FL, is committed to delivering top-notch customer service, exceptional craftsmanship, and customized roofing solutions. We recognize the importance of your home or business as a significant investment and aim to safeguard it with our standout roofing services. Our dedication to excellence extends beyond mere roof installation. We strive to build enduring relationships with our clients, providing continuous support, maintenance, and expertise to keep your roof in immaculate condition for years. Opt for our services in Winter Haven, FL, and discover the unique experience of collaborating with a roofing company that genuinely values you and your property.
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Work That is Stronghold Strong

As the leading roofing company in Winter Haven, FL, our rapid growth is a testament to our exceptional service and superior craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond the norm, living up to the reputation that our name, StrongHold, suggests.

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Services Offered in Winter Haven, FL

Roof Inspections (with estimates)

Maintaining the longevity and health of your roof in Winter Haven, FL, is crucial. Our thorough roof inspections identify potential problems such as leaks, damaged shingles, or poor ventilation. This proactive approach helps avoid expensive repairs, safeguarding your home effectively.
Roof inspection from top in GA & FL
Roof repairs by professional in Florida and Georgia

Roof Repairs

Prompt roof maintenance is crucial to avoid escalating damage to your property. As a leading roofing company in Winter Haven, FL, our team is adept at swiftly spotting and rectifying various roofing problems, from small leaks to severe storm-induced shingle damage. We use premium materials and the best industry practices to restore your roof to its optimal state.

Roof Replacements

When your roof suffers severe damage or reaches its life’s end, replacing it becomes crucial for your home and family’s safety. We recognize that this is a substantial commitment, so we focus on delivering top-notch craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and unparalleled customer service throughout the process, right here in Winter Haven, FL.
Roofer replacing roof in Florida
New Construction Roofing in Florida

New Construction Roofing

In Winter Haven, FL, we collaborate with architects, builders, and property owners to provide top-notch roofing systems for new homes. Our durable solutions are designed to last, reflecting our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Expect nothing less than excellence from start to end with our services.

Mobile Home Roofing

In Winter Haven, FL, we provide a variety of roofing options specifically designed for mobile homes. Our solutions are crafted considering factors such as weight restrictions, weather conditions, and financial limitations. Our committed team is here to assist you in selecting the ideal roofing solution for your mobile home.
Mobile Home Roofing in Sarasota
Commercial Roofing in Sarasota

Commercial Roofing

In Winter Haven, FL, we excel in delivering top-notch commercial roofing services, customized to your unique needs. Whether it’s flat or metal roofs, or energy-efficient alternatives, we’re committed to providing the best solutions for diverse building designs and uses.

Solar-Powered Roofs

As a GAF-certified roofing company in Winter Haven, FL, we offer unique solar power solutions that don’t require elevated panels. We install GAF’s cutting-edge Timberline Solar™ system directly into the shingles, enabling you to attain energy autonomy with a stylish, contemporary, high-efficiency system.
Solar Roofing in Sarasota

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Roof Financing in Winter Haven, FL

Looking for flexible payment options for your roofing? We've got you covered.

Investing in a new roof or major repair can be a significant, often unplanned expense. Through our trusted financing partner, Hearth, we make roofing both affordable and convenient for homeowners in Winter Haven, FL.
Jimmy is a roof professional in FL & GA
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Roof Insurance Claims

Looking for flexible payment options for your roof? We've got you covered.

Dealing with significant roof damage can be overwhelming, especially when it’s unexpected. The prospect of handling insurance claims can be intimidating. However, our dedicated team is here in Winter Haven, FL, to assist you through the entire process of claims and repairs or replacements.

Here’s how it works

You can rest assured we’ll be here every step of the way to make your insurance roof repair or installation as painless as possible.

Weather & Climate in Winter Haven, FL

Weather considerations and your roof

Selecting a roofing contractor in Winter Haven, FL requires careful consideration. It’s crucial to factor in the local weather conditions and climate, as these can significantly influence the longevity of your roof.
Living in Winter Haven, FL, you’re no stranger to the year-round heat, humidity, and the occasional tropical storms and hurricanes that bring heavy rainfall.

Florida Hurricane Season

Winter Haven, FL, is well-acquainted with the havoc hurricanes and tropical storms can wreak. The storm season, spanning June to November, often sees significant roof damage. For instance, in 2022, Hurricane Ian unleashed 81 mph winds in Winter Haven, leading to over 60,000 insurance claims in the county.

Weather’s Impact on Roofing Choices

In Winter Haven, FL, the distinct warm coastal weather and possible intense storms necessitate homeowners to focus on specific roofing features.
Our roofing experts can help you choose the best roof for your budget. Call us to talk to someone about a new roof replacement.

Popular Roofing Systems in Winter Haven, FL

What do your neighbors choose most often?

Asphalt Shingles (most popular)

Metal Roofing (rapid growth)

Tile Roofing

Flat Roofing

Stronghold has installed thousands of roofing systems

In Winter Haven, FL, we’re proficient in all roofing materials! For guidance on the ideal system for your home, reach out to our professionals.

Solar Roofing in Winter Haven, FL

As a GAF-certified roofing company in Winter Haven, FL, we provide homeowners with the most recent and economical solar energy solutions. The Timberline Solar™ roofing system from GAF offers all the advantages of conventional solar energy without the need for large panels or a potentially damaging installation process. This cutting-edge roofing system involves integrating sleek, modern panels directly into your existing shingles. This allows you to preserve your home’s aesthetic appeal while reaping the benefits of energy autonomy.

Choosing a Roofer in Winter Haven, FL

Not sure exactly how to choose the right contractor? We have a few tips.

Stronghold Roofing & Solar has earned excellent reviews from our happy customers.

In Winter Haven, FL, we’ve successfully catered to numerous residential and commercial clients. Our commitment to top-notch customer service and robust warranties ensures every project is completed flawlessly on the first attempt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the event of a storm or hurricane causing damage to your roof, reach out to us in Winter Haven, FL for a free damage assessment and repair estimate. Should a roof replacement be necessary, we’ll guide you through the insurance procedures. Remember to always capture images of your home’s exterior and any visible roof sections from ground level.
The longevity of your roof hinges on the materials used, the craftsmanship during installation, and the frequency of upkeep. Asphalt shingles typically endure 20-30 years, while tile and metal can surpass 50 years! Consistent maintenance and prompt repairs can prolong your roof’s life, leading to significant savings in the long run.
Given Winter Haven, FL’s vulnerability to hurricanes and tropical storms, it’s crucial to opt for roofing materials that can withstand high winds. Regular annual maintenance is also essential to address any potential problems that could compromise your roof’s storm resistance.
Indications that your roof may require fixing or replacement are: Lost or broken shingles Erosion of granules Water infiltration Drooping areas Fungal or algal infestations Obvious storm-related harm.
Indeed, in Winter Haven, FL, substantial roof repairs and replacements necessitate a permit. We’ll guide you through the local regulations and permitting process to ensure compliance.
It’s crucial to have your roof checked annually or following a significant weather event. This routine assessment can spot potential problems early, preventing them from escalating into expensive repairs!
At Stronghold, we meticulously train, vet, and employ our roofers directly. This approach ensures top-notch quality as we don’t rely on subcontractors.
The duration of your roofing project can vary greatly, depending on factors such as the severity of the damage and the complexity of your roof’s design. A minor leak could be fixed in a few hours, while more significant damage could require a few days. For a more accurate timeline, feel free to contact us for a complimentary estimate.
The price of your new roof can significantly differ based on its size, the materials used, and the project’s intricacy. Shingle roofs are typically the most budget-friendly, while metal roofs demand higher initial costs. Utilizing insurance can help reduce your personal expenses. For any queries about roofing expenses or insurance claims, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re based in Winter Haven, FL, and always ready to assist.
The price of your new roof can significantly differ based on its size, the materials used, and the project’s intricacy. Shingle roofs are typically the most budget-friendly, while metal roofs demand higher initial costs. Utilizing insurance can help reduce your personal expenses. For any queries about roofing expenses or insurance claims, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re based in Winter Haven, FL, and always ready to assist.
Nathan Patterson, owner of SHR

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