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humidity impacts roof in florida

How Humidity Can Affect Your Roof

Humidity is a fact of life in parts of the country, especially in southern states like Florida and Georgia. In fact, the Florida Climate Center ...
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a roofer inspecting commercial roof in Florida

The Importance of Regular Commercial Roof Maintenance

A commercial roof is a critical asset for any business. It protects the building from the elements, keeps the interior comfortable, and can add value ...
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factors that can affect roof costs

Surprising Factors That Affect Your Roofing Costs

When most people think about the cost of getting a new roof or having roof repairs done, they typically focus on the cost of the ...
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Pro roofer installing a metal roof

What Is the Roof Installation Process?

Getting a new roof is a major investment for most homeowners, albeit one that will likely increase your property value. Nonetheless, many people do not ...
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House needs to be clean after finishing project

Post-Roofing Cleanup: Ensuring a Pristine Finish

Roof replacements or significant roof repairs are major projects that continue even after the final shingle is securely fastened. It’s not all about the actual ...
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Different roof materials types

The Best Roofing Materials For Florida in 2023

Having a sturdy and reliable roof is essential for any homeowner, particularly those in the state of Florida. From high sun exposure to powerful storms ...
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Water blockage in clogged gutters

Common Problems Caused by Clogged Gutters

Gutters have been used on buildings in the American colonies since the 1700s. Today, the vast majority of homes have some kind of gutter system ...
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A professional cleaning roof with pressure water washing method

Pressure Washing Roof: Good or Bad?

In some homes, the roof accounts for a substantial percentage of the visible exterior, so keeping it looking good is essential to the home’s overall ...
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A professional local roofer in Lakeland

Reasons to Hire a Local Roofing Company

A roof is a significant investment for most homeowners, so they want to be certain that they always take the appropriate steps to make it ...
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Unlicensed Roof Contractor in Lakeland

The Risks of Hiring Unlicensed Roof Contractors

Whether you need minor roof repairs or a full roof replacement, you want to be sure that you hire the right roofing professional. Given the ...
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Roof expert in Lakeland, FL

Hiring a Roofing Contractor Checklist

At some point, most homeowners will need to hire a roofing contractor – for a roof repair, inspection, or a full roof replacement. Many times, ...
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Christmas lights on roof in Lakeland

Tips for Putting Up Christmas Lights on Your Roof

It is that time of year again! The holiday season is just around the corner, and it is time to start putting up your lights. ...
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