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Roof Financing

Secure financing for your new roof quickly and easily

Whether your roofing project is the result of an unexpected catastrophe or a planned undertaking, it will likely be a significant financial investment into your home. But if there’s any investment you should not take lightly, it’s the roof over your head that keeps your family safe at night.

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Break your roofing project into predictable monthly payments!

Pay for your project with predictable, monthly payments without tapping into your home equity.*

* All loans are subject to credit review and approval. For example, a $10,000 loan with an  APR of 14.50% and a term of 36 months would have a monthly payment of $344.21.
** Funding can be as soon as 24 hours and takes 3-5 days on average.

How Roof Financing Works

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STEP 1 : Get in touch

The first step to a beautiful new roof is to pick up the phone and give us a call. One of our roofing professionals and friendly representatives will happily walk you through your roofing options.

STEP 2: Get a free on-site inspection

We will never give you an estimate until we have seen your roof in person. For that reason, we make a point to physically inspect each roof before giving homeowners an estimate. By making an on-site inspection, we ensure you only pay for what you need. If it turns out that you don’t need roofing work, we never try to sell you unnecessary repairs. Instead, we will let you know how long your roof is likely to last without work and will see you then.

STEP 3: Written proposal and estimate

Your roofing project estimate comes with a list of all the work we plan to perform, clearly stated, so you retain full control. The written proposal and estimate will include what we’re doing and how much you will pay, nothing more.

STEP 4: Discuss financing options

The founders of our roofing company have backgrounds in financing and insurance, so we know how to help you navigate the complexities of roof financing. If you are filing an insurance claim, we can walk you through the process and work with you to pick the best value for your roofing coverage. If we can’t help, we will at least analyze your financing options to find what works for you.

STEP 5: Plan a timeline

Upon the acceptance of our proposal, we will give you an approximate guess of our work timeline. As we get to work, we do our best to adhere to that schedule as closely as possible. Keep in mind that circumstances such as weather can delay our roofing contractors, but we will keep you informed of your job status every step of the way.

The benefits of financing a roof

Homeowners typically fail to get their yearly roof inspections and subsequently fail to notice any problems that pop up. Unfortunately, waiting too long can cause serious damage on an already stressed roof.

Sometimes nature has other plans and fierce winds can really cause your roof to sustain a beating. Whether you’ve set aside funds for roofing maintenance or roof repairs, financing can take care of new construction roofs or roof replacements without breaking the bank.

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Low monthly payments

The Stronghold Roofing & Solar team can hook you up with a trusted lender to secure the loan for your roof with the best possible APR. Your interest rate will depend on your credit score and the overall loan amount.

For example, a $9,000 loan over 72 months with a 10% interest rate would be just $166.73 per month.
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Deferred interest loans

You may be able to secure a loan that has a deferred interest period at the front of the loan, allowing you to make all the installments in that period with no prepayment penalties, saving you potentially thousands in interest.
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Get approved quickly

Fortunately, applying for roof financing can be a simple process and you can do it online in just a short amount of time. The entire process can take place without even having to meet with anyone, and you can get approved instantly.

Why a roof replacement offers an attractive ROI

Homebuyers don’t want to deal with the hassle of a roof that will need roof repairs or full roof replacement in the near future after purchasing a home. Failing to replace an old roof can decrease the value of your home and prevent offers from coming in. Ultimately, replacing your roof makes your home more valuable and attractive for potential buyers.

Common Questions about Roof Financing

While other roofing companies may require you to find financing options all on your own, we take our customer service a bit further. Our founders have a background in finance and can point you to one or more financing options that are perfect for your unique situation. We can even walk you through the process of financing your roof for a headache-free affair.

Only your insurer can answer that question. Most storm damage will be covered by home and rental insurance policies, but you should check your policy coverage just to make sure. 

We can help you file a claim for your damaged roof. Our founders have experience with insurance and can walk you through the claims process, making roof repair much easier on you and your family.

The source of the leak would determine if insurance covers the damage or not. If your leak is due to a roof that merely became too old, your damage may not be covered as well as if your roof was damaged in a hurricane. Check your roof insurance policy for coverage information. 

In most cases, home insurance policies will cover roof damage caused by vandalism, fire, and storms like hurricanes and tornadoes. Check with your insurer to see if your damage is covered by your policy.

We can take the burden of filing an insurance claim off your hands. Let us walk you through the process so that you can get insurance to potentially cover your roof and we can start the repairs.

Meet with Stronghold Roofing & Solar today to discuss the financing options for your roof replacement project.

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals has backgrounds in finance and can help you navigate the details and complexities of securing financing.

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Schedule a Risk-Free Roofing Inspection

Did you know it’s recommended that you get a roof inspected by a professional roofer at least once per year? Our expert contractors can spot issues like cracked tiles, blistering shingles, loose materials or debris, and soft spots on your roof. It’s essential these issues are taken care of promptly to prevent further issues down the road. Let us drop by and check your roof from any unseen problems. Contact us for a free roof estimate!