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Roof Inspections

Regular residential and commercial roof inspections are imperative to the health of your roof for several reasons. If you’ve lived in your home or have occupied your commercial building for several years without a roof inspection, it should be placed high on your priority list.

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What Roofers Look for During an Inspection

What our certified roofing professionals look for during a roof inspection in & near Lakeland will depend on the material used and the reason for the inspection.

For example, a shingle roof (the most common type in Florida) will need to be inspected for:

With other types of roofs like tile, metal, and flat roofs, our experts check for some of the same issues in addition to checking for underlayment problems, roof sagging, damaged fascia boards, rusting, bad flashing, loose seams, leak detection, cracking, excess organic debris, and more.

Why You Should Get Regular Roof Inspections

Routine roof inspections are part of a strong roof maintenance plan that can prevent major problems arising from neglect, including a full re-roofing project. With our free roof inspections in & near Lakeland, there are never any risks or commitments, ever.

Routine Roof Inspections Can Detect:

Weathering and Aging

Every roof is going to experience some degree of weathering and aging — some faster than others. It’s essential to identify problems early on like minor openings that can ultimately lead to water infiltration.

Needed Repairs Covered By Warranty

Nobody wants to deal with leaks, especially on a newer roof. As a certified Lakeland roofing company , we will evaluate any potential problems and advise you on if they may be covered under your warranty.

Storm Damage

As a resident of central Florida, you’re no stranger to hurricanes and unforgiving winds. If you’ve experienced a storm and want to check the integrity of your roof, call us! Storms can cause unknown damage that may ultimately lead to needing a new roof. Don’t wait to call a professional after a storm.

Regular roof inspections are vital to detecting hidden damage. Our experienced experts can provide the best roofing services for every type of roof. All our Lakeland roof inspections are performed free of charge, and you can be rest assured that our pros will take great care in investigating for problems.

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