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How Roofers Inspect and Repair Roof Damage

You don’t usually think of your roof until a problem occurs. Maybe the strong Florida winds blew a few shingles into the yard, or a tree limb knocked a hole that is allowing moisture to soak in. Before long, those problems can mount up, putting you in a costly situation that can be rife with headaches.
As certified Florida contractors, our roofers are ready to provide you with expert roof repair. So that you know what to expect when you call one of our roofers to your property, we have put together the following guide. This should help to prepare you for the process of repairing or replacing your roof, so there are no surprises at any time. 

What Do Homeowners Need to Know About Roof Repair?

You may be aware that there are laws on the books in Florida that dictate which individuals can work on roofs and the conditions that need to be in place before a roof can be reroofed, repaired, or replaced. These laws are designed to protect homes that may be inside high-velocity hurricane zones, and even homes outside those areas
The laws state that only Florida certified roofing contractors are authorized to work on roofs throughout the state. Certification requires at least four years of education and/or training before passing the state roofing exam. Certified roofers are also required to take the business and finance exam. 
That is what the law says about contractors. When it comes to repairs, things get a little more complicated. 
Let’s say that your roof was damaged by a hurricane or an everyday storm. You may have a leaky roof, loose or damaged shingles, or fascia wind damage. Other common signs of damage include rotting wood and damaged venting. 
The Florida Building Code dictates when a roof can be repaired, so you would have to have your roof inspected by a certified professional before any work can be done. 
There is a specific building code written into the law called the 25 Percent Rule. That law states that if 25% of your roof needs to be repaired in a twelve-month period, the entire roof must be replaced so that it conforms to all building code requirements. 

What Happens When You Make an Insurance Claim for Roofing Repairs?

When a few shingles or tiles are damaged on your roof, you can file an insurance claim to cover the loss. Your insurer is required to replace the roofing material in the adjoining areas if it is not possible to repair the damage so that it matches the undamaged portion. The repaired section must match in quality, size, and color. 
However, Florida roofing tends to fade over time due to constant exposure to the sun and inclement Florida weather. Furthermore, many roofing material manufacturers stop making certain types and colors of shingles and tiles all the time. These factors could mean that repairing a single section to match may be impossible, which would leave the insurer with little choice. The insurer would have to repair the entire section, from the ridge to the edge. If that section equals more than 25% of the total roof area, the entire roof must be replaced entirely. 

How Roofers Inspect Your Roof

When you call a roofer for a free estimate, the professional will show up promptly to your home to provide you with a thorough inspection. The process of inspecting a roof involves a standard checklist. 
The roofers will first look at the caulk, which keeps the roof sealed and prevents moisture from seeping into your home. The caulk can crack over time. If cracks are noticed, they must be sealed to ensure the integrity of the roof is maintained. 
The flashing is inspected next, which is a thin material that directs water away from the more critical areas of the roof. The inspector will ensure there are no rust spots on the flashing, which over time can become porous, giving moisture-free access to the internal roofing components. Flashing that is affected by rust will need to be replaced. 
The shingles come next. The inspector will look closely at each shingle to look for buckling, curling, or blistering. This can be caused by water or other damage and would require each shingle to be replaced. Any broken or missing shingles will also need to be replaced so that there is even coverage all around. 
The inspector will then look at any vent pipes that were affixed with rubber boots. If any of these components appear cracked or worn out, those too will need to be replaced. The same goes if your roof has a missing or damaged chimney cap. 
Finally, if the inspector notices that masses of moss or lichen are forming, this can indicate that the roof is decaying underneath. There may be signs of black algae stains, but these are merely cosmetic and don’t require roofing repair. 

When is the Best Time to Repair a Florida Roof?

When your roof gets damaged, you want to get it repaired immediately, but there may be a reason to wait. 
Spring is the best time to call for roofing repair services. During the Spring, we see milder weather and temperatures, which is the ideal environment for roofers to do quality work. These months are also the busiest for certified roofers, which means that you should call early if you suspect a Spring-time repair or replacement, or your project could be pushed back due to the contractor’s workload. 
The summer months bring high heat and humidity, and also rain, which is not ideal for roofing work. Fall is hurricane season, and it’s another busy season for roofers because of it. 
Winter is another good season to call for roof repair. During the winter months, the contractor’s workload is behind him/her, and hurricane season has passed. This bodes well for a roof repair or replacement that takes top priority.

How to Find Quality Roofers Near You?

When looking for roofers to inspect and repair or replace your roof, make sure you verify that the contractor is certified to work on roofs in the state of Florida. 
However, you will also want to ask plenty of questions, such as asking if the professional is licensed, insured, and experienced with the type of roofing repair you need. 
If you live in Central Florida, and your shingletile, or metal roof has been damaged, or if you require a deroof and complete roof replacement, we have just the service for you.

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  1. It’s great that you talked about roofing inspections and what to expect from one. Recently, my wife and I realized our roof has some leaks, and we want to get them fixed immediately! We want to make sure our roof’s ready to face the winter, so we’ll be sure to look for a roofing contractor’s help. Thanks for the advice on damaged roofs and how to identify one.

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