Man-On-Roof-Coronavirus Roofing Questions-Roof Replacement
Man-On-Roof-Coronavirus Roofing Questions-Roof Replacement

Most Common Coronavirus Roofing Questions Answered

Roofing issues can happen anytime. It is crucial for all homeowners to watch out for the signs of damage and get the problems fixed in time. But should a roof replacement be done during the coronavirus outbreak? As everyone of us is fully aware as well as is bearing the brunt of the pandemic in various ways, it is important to know how Covid-19 is affecting roofing contractors and what changes and precautions contractors are taking to operate their services.

At the Residential Roofing Depot, we have received multiple queries in regard to roof replacement or new roof installation during the coronavirus pandemic. Below, we have tried to answer all these questions as well as other most common coronavirus roofing questions for your information.

Q #1. Can I go ahead with my roof repair or replacement?

A: This is the most fundamental and the most important question in regard to getting a roof repair or new roof installation during the pandemic. Clients want to know whether it is a safe option to go ahead and have their roof fixed at a time when the government is asking people to stay indoors and practice social isolation. Safety measures need to be followed to stay safe and healthy.

Yes, you can go ahead with your roof repair or new roof installation. Leaving any kind of damage can lead to bigger problems and compromise the safety of your family. Roof issues need urgent attention.

During a roof installation, the entire procedure is conducted outside the building or the facility. This means your social distancing will not be interrupted. You can remain inside the building while the work is being done. If there is a need for conversation, it can be done via phone. Our technicians will remain and complete the roofing project without getting into your facility or using your toilet or bathrooms. At the Residential Roofing Depot, our technicians use portable toilets so that they don’t have the need to enter your facility in any case. Plus, we strictly abide by disinfection measures so that there is no contamination outside the building.

Q #2. What safety precautions is your company taking to prevent the spread of the coronavirus?

A: At the Residential Roofing Depot, we have been cautious right from the early spread of the coronavirus pandemic. We have taken a host of preventive measures to keep both our clients and technicians safe.

Paperless Format: In a bid to minimize or remove physical contact altogether, we have introduced a paperless format. Whether it is the estimate for the cost of a new roof, the details of the project or getting the payment, all of this can be done through emails and other online means. 

Remote Work for Office Personal: Not just at the job site, we have minimized physical interaction at our office as well. Most of our office personnel work from home and follow the social distancing guidelines. 

Temporary Toilet: As stated above, we set up our own portable toilets with availability of disinfectants. Whether it is a home or an apartment complex, physical interaction will be minimized to zero. While the roof replacement process is in progress, there is no risk of running into any of our workers.

Compliance with CDC Recommendations: We adhere to the coronavirus health and safety guidelines, as issued by the CDC. Most of our employees and office personnel work from a remote location. Those who come strictly comply with all the routine cleaning and safety measures. All of the equipment and tools are cleaned and disinfected after every roofing project we do. If any of our employees is feeling sick, we encourage them to remain at home and get well.

We understand the importance of abiding by all the recommended safety measures to control the coronavirus outbreak. All our office staff, technicians and professionals are up to date with the Covid-19 safety measures outlined by the CDC and WHO as well as other governmental organizations.

Q #3: Is It the right time to get my roofing issues fixed?

A: It can be.

Most people are having a hard time during the current pandemic. However, there is no certainty about when this whole thing will come to an end. It will possibly take much longer to completely eradicate the coronavirus. Till then, the essential things cannot wait. If you are having issues with your roof, it is suggested that you get an inspection done as soon as possible. Over time, minor issues can spread and the cost of repair can prove to be very expensive later.

Since we are following all the safety guidelines and there will be zero physical interaction during the roofing work, you can safely get the inspection done, receive your roof estimate and move ahead with the repair work.

Q #4. How do I have a roofing consultation?

A: To get in touch with us and schedule your consultation, you can simply fill out the Contact Form on our website and one of our representatives will be in touch with you. Or else, you can give our office in Lakeland, Fl, a quick phone call. Whether you want to ask questions in regard to your roof problem, cost of a new roof or the steps of the roof replacement process, we’ll address each of your queries and concerns over the phone, via email or video chat sessions. 

If you have pictures of your leaky roof or damaged roof, you can send them to use via phone message or email. 

Q #5. How do I select new shingles for my roof?

A: At the Residential Roofing Depot, we try to complete most of the discussions via online mediums. The same goes with picking new shingles – you can choose the roofing materials you like from the comfort of your home. Whether it is the selection of shingles or the underlayment material, we’ll make it all feel like a breeze. You’ll be able do all the research and selection online.

Once you have chosen shingles for your roof, we can also send you printed samples of the same either online or via mail. After checking out the samples, you can again get in touch with our roofing experts remotely.

Q #6. What financing options do I have?

A: We understand how people are facing different types of hardships due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business enterprise, it may not be the best time to invest into a new roof installation. At the Residential Roofing Depot in Lakeland, Fl, we offer easy and secure financing for your roof replacement. If you are under financial stress, let us talk about it. After approval, the loan funds will be deposited in just 24 hours. New roof loans found on Hearth have fixed interest rates and terms. Plus, you’ll find out your monthly payment in advance. To avail yourself of this financing, all you need to do is reach out to our office via a phone call. One of our representatives will explain the entire process in detail.

Got Additional Questions?

Residential Roofing Depot is a highly trusted business which specializes in roof repairs, full roof replacements, residential roofing and commercial roofing. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are fully committed to ensuring the health safety of each of our clients as well as our office personnel and roofing technicians while we continue to operate in and near Lakeland, Fl. If you have more questions in regard to our roofing services or want a free estimate for your roof replacement, feel free to reach out to our representatives via a phone call or email.

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