Roof Inspection In New House Construction & Roof Installation
Roof Inspection In New House Construction & Roof Installation

Things To Ask When Getting Roofing Quotes

You know you need roof repair or a roof replacement – now what? Your first step is to find a professional roofing company so that you can schedule an inspection. But what sort of questions and things should you ask of your roofing company before you sign the contract?

You probably have a list of things that you already want to ask your roofing company before moving ahead with a project. Cost being the most important one. But there are other things that you should be sure to ask about too, including the time it will take, the cost of the repair or replacement, have they done projects similar to yours and their project history. 

Because of the fact that replacing your roof is such a huge undertaking, it’s important to ask your roofing company lots of questions upfront. An experienced, licensed and insured roofing company knows that there are many questions from the homeowner or business owner, and they’re more than happy to answer them for you. Read on to learn about some of the more important things you should ask your roofing company. 


Timeline for Roof Replacement or Roof Repair

Ask your roofing company about how long it will take them to complete the roof replacement or roof repair. Repairing it will take considerably less time than replacing the whole roof. However, once the roofing contractors have inspected your roof, they will be able to tell you how long it will take to complete the work. 

This is especially important if you’re getting a roof replacement and choosing to stay elsewhere until it’s finished. Whether you’re staying with family and friends or staying at a hotel, you’ll want to know how long you should be prepared to be away from home. Alternatively, if you decide to stay home during the roof replacement, it can be a major disruption to your daily life. Knowing how long it will take to complete can be helpful in planning and preparing. 


Cost of a New Roof or Roof Repair

Of course you’ll want to ask about the cost. In general, there are a few factors that will always affect the cost of repairing or replacing your roof. These factors include size of the roof and slope of the roof. These factors tell your roofing contractor how much labor they’ll be required to do, and therefore how much it will cost you.

Additionally, depending on your location, how difficult it is to get to your home, or other factors, there may be additional things that contribute to the cost of your roof repair or replacement. 

The type of roofing material you are getting can contribute to the cost significantly. Shingle roofing is considerably less expensive than metal roofing and tile roofing. Your roofing company can give you an exact quote based on the material you have on your roof. 

The most important thing to ask your roofer about is whether the cost on the quote could change at any point. A reliable roofing company is upfront in the beginning about the cost and any potential factors that could change the amount you are given. You shouldn’t be hit with any surprise fees or additional costs. Ask them ahead of time if there are any factors that could change the initial quote in any way. Things that could affect the cost are: underlying roof damage, additional needed repairs, or other unforeseen circumstances. If your roofing contractor thinks one of these is a possibility, it’s important that they tell you upfront. 


Past Work History

Check out their past work projects. Being able to see their work with your own eyes and hear about past projects will give you an added peace of mind. You can see if they have any past clients with homes or roofs similar to yours. Most roofing companies know that you plan to shop around for the best quote. They should be willing to show you their past history if they want you to work with them. 


Gallery of Projects

You should be able to visit the website of your roofing company and view their gallery of projects. For example, you can view Residential Roofing Depot’s gallery of past projects here. Having a portfolio of projects that you can see is something that all credible roofing companies should have. If they don’t have one online, ask if they have a physical portfolio that you can look at. 


Reach out to Past Clients

If your roofing company allows it – or if you happen to already know a past client – you should reach out to them and ask for their feedback. Word of mouth referrals are a powerful marketing tool for businesses and having positive feedback is invaluable. They should be willing to share it if they have it. If you have a neighbor or friend who has used a specific roofing company, ask that person how their experience was. 


Look at Online Reviews

Be sure to do your research by looking at all the reviews for your roofing company. Look at both positive and negative reviews. Also look to see how the company responds to the reviews. If they are rude or nonchalant about issues, that could be a red flag. If they are knowledgeable, responsive and helpful, you know that they will give you the same experience. 


Safety of You and Your Family

If you have opted to stay home during your roof replacement, ask your roofing company what they do to ensure the safety of you and your family. Ask them about the specific steps or the protocols that they have in place to keep you safe while they work on your home. Credible and trustworthy roofing companies in & near Lakeland, FL will have a plan in place to keep your home and family safe during the roof replacement. Residential Roofing Depot always takes the appropriate steps to ensure your safety. Before moving ahead with the roof replacement, your roofing contractors will explain in detail the ways that they keep you safe until they complete the job. 



Ask your roofer if they work with your insurance company. If your roof replacement is being covered partially or in full by your homeowners insurance, your roofing company should be able to work directly with them so that you don’t have to worry about it. Most roofing companies work with insurance companies to get them the right documentation they need. Residential Roofing Depot will contact your insurance company once a claim has been started. 


Workmans Comp Insurance

On the other side of this is the issue of the insurance for your roofing company. Ask them if they have any type of workmans comp insurance policy in the event that something happens to one of their employees while they work on your roof. You can even ask to see proof of this to make you feel even more comfortable. 


Contact Residential Roofing Depot

Our roofing company has many years of experience in repairing roofs and installing high quality new roofs in and around Lakeland, FL. We know that roof replacement is a costly project and we take all the care and precaution when we are working on your home. 

If you think you are in need of roof replacement, call Residential Roofing Depot to get the best value for your hard-earned money. We will provide you with the best quality of service from start to finish. After you get your inspection with us, and choose us as your roofing company, we’ll be with you until well after your roof replacement is complete. If you ever have any questions during the process, we’re here to answer them for you.

We won’t hide any costs or fees from you – you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for before we even begin working on your home. We’ll tell you about anything that could or will affect the final cost of your roof replacement. 

Whether it is about the quality of the roofing material or the quality of the installation, we provide you with the best of the best. You can feel confident that our roofing technicians will carry out the entire project with utmost competence, skills and professionalism. 

Give us a call today to get started – we’re here to help you with all your roofing needs!

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  1. If I were to have my home’s roof replaced, I would make sure to hire an experienced roofer. Thank you for sharing that it will be best to consider the cost. I also agree with you that the chosen attorney must be reliable.

  2. My roof is damaged, so I need to get it replaced. It makes sense that I would want to get a professional to replace it for me. They would be able to ensure that I put everything together correctly.

  3. Thank you for explaining that you should ask how long the roof replacement would take when you’re getting roofing quotes. I’ve been wondering what kinds of questions I should be asking when I meet with a few different roofing contractors before making my final decision. I’ll be sure to add this to the list of questions that’s slowly building.

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