Roof replacement tips
Roof replacement tips

Things to Consider When Replacing a Roof

Are you planning to replace your roof in the near future? If so, there are many things that you will need to consider before, during, and after the roof replacement process. Here in this article, we will be discussing all the things you should consider and think about when re-roofing your home.

First of all, it’s important to strongly consider the roofing company that you want to work with. Check their history and reviews to make sure they are reliable and credible. Another important consideration is your budget. We will go over these things plus other important things to think about when getting a roof replacement.

If you’re looking for a professional roofing company that can do a roof replacement in and near Lakeland, give Residential Roofing Depot a call today. We’ll send one of our professional and skilled roofers to do a roof inspection and determine what roofing services you’ll need. We will work hard to stay within all of your time and budget constraints.

Keep reading to learn more about what you need to consider when you get a new roof.

Work With the Best Roofing Company

One of the first big decisions that you will make during the roof replacement process is which roofing company to work with. Ask friends and family who they have worked with; word of mouth is a great way to find a credible roofing company. Or do some research to find some of the best roofing companies for roof replacements. Here are some techniques that we recommend when searching for a credible, trustworthy roofer.

Check Reviews

Look at online reviews for the companies that you’re considering working with. Good and bad reviews will tell you about the reputation of each company. If you come across a lot of bad reviews, this is clearly a red flag. Look for any common responses or common issues that past customers have had.

Website and Project Gallery

Most roofing companies have a project gallery on their website. Taking photos of completed projects is a great way for roofers to promote the work that they do. It’s also a great way for potential customers to see the quality of their work. When you look through their website and project galleries, look for projects that are similar to yours. This gives you a great idea of the quality of work they would do for you.

Free Inspection and Estimates

If your roofer offers free inspection and estimates with no obligation, take advantage of this. Don’t be afraid to get multiple estimates and quotes from multiple roofing companies. Shop around to find the highest quality roofing services and roof replacement in and near Lakeland.

roof estimate for free

Roofing Material Affects Time and Budget

There are several types of roofing materials to choose from when you need a roof replacement. The most commonly used materials for residential roofing are shingle roofing, tile roofing, and metal roofing. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Ask your roofing company for suggestions. They can make recommendations based on your taste and budget.

In the meantime, keep reading for more general information about the three most common types of residential roofing material.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is becoming more and more common among residential homeowners, especially in Florida. Metal roofs have a longer life span compared to shingle roofing and they can even outlast the longevity of a tile roof! Plus, metal roofs tend to last upwards of 70 years and can withstand the weather in climates like Florida.

There are many benefits to going with a metal roof. Metal roofing is fire resistant and eco-friendly, as well. Be sure to work with a roofing company that has a history of successful metal roof installations. This can be a more laborious job and it’s important that your roofing company is highly experienced in the process of installing a new metal roof.

Shingle Roofing

As most people know, shingle roofing is the most common roofing type among homeowners in North America. Around 80% of homes in N.A. have shingle roofing. The reason shingle roofing is so common is that it’s the least expensive option and it’s also the least labor-intensive option.

Shingle roofing also has an extremely easy installation process. If you’re getting a new roof installation with shingle roofing, chances are it will only take a few days. Especially if you are choosing to overlay, rather than tearing the whole roof off. Your roofing company will help you determine which process would work best for your home.

Tile Roofing

The two most common types of tile roofing are clay and concrete. Tile roofing, while expensive, is a stylish and durable option for your home. Plus, it adds a lot of value if you decide to sell your home in the future. It’s also a more labor-intensive roof installation process, so it could take longer than a shingle roof replacement.

However, tile roofs are known to last upwards of 50 years. Tile roofing and metal roofing can be up to 5 times more durable than shingle roofing. These are just some of the best advantages of tile roofing.

Consider the Time of Year for Roof Replacement Services

In Lakeland and Florida in general, planning for a new roof installation in the winter or spring would be your best bet. These are the two best seasons for re-roofing when you live in Florida.

Best season to replace a roof

During the winter in Florida, the weather is milder than in northern states which allows for an easier roof replacement process. It’s a popular season for Floridians to replace their roof. Spring is another good time for new roof installation. The mild weather in both of these seasons offers an easy installation process.

Floridians know that the end of summer through fall is a time for hurricanes and other bad storms, making it a rough time for new roof installation and roof replacements. Summer can get incredibly hot which makes it impossible to work on a roof for long periods at a time. The hot sun beating down on your roofer – especially on a metal roof – can cause heat stroke or other injuries.

Getting a roof replacement in the spring or winter will help make the process go smoother. There is less chance for inclement weather and the roof installation can be completed more quickly.

Get Your Home Prepared for the Roof Replacement

This is an important part of the roof replacement process. You should prepare your home (and your family) for the disruption and changes that will inevitably occur while your new roof is being installed.

The first step is to figure out whether or not you’ll be staying in your home during the roof replacement. The two things to consider when deciding whether you should stay in your home are the level of disruption and your budget. For example, if the roof replacement would cause a lot of disruption to your family life, it may make sense to stay with other friends or family – or in a hotel, if your budget allows – while the new roof is being installed. If your situation allows you to easily work around the roof replacement with minimal disruption, staying home is another option.

Regardless of whether you stay or go, you should prepare your home for the roof replacement. When you get a roof replacement, there’s a period of time where your home is exposed to the outdoors and any inclement weather. Be sure to cover and/or move your furniture and anything that could get damaged. Talk to your roofing company about the areas of your home that will be most exposed and affected.

Talk to Your Roofing Company

It’s important to work with a roofing company that you can work in conjunction with and discuss your project with because replacing your roof is a very significant process. It makes the process easier on you as a homeowner when you can communicate with your roofer any time you need to.

A good roofing company will be willing to talk to you in-depth about your roof replacement. Most people only go through the roof replacement process one time in their life, and it’s a big deal and a difficult process. As a homeowner, you’ll have questions that your roofer should be more than happy to answer for you.

You should be able to have open discussions about the process and what works best for you and your home. If you have any input, be sure to let your roofer know at the beginning of the project.

Insurance for roof replacement

Financing Options

In some cases, your insurance company will pay for your roof replacement. However, if your insurance company is not paying for your new roof, you may be able to find financing options available depending on the roofing company you work with. Residential Roofing Depot has the resources and background to get you the best financing options for your specific situation. Work with us to get the best options for your budget and home.

Schedule an Inspection with your Local Roofer

Remember: don’t settle for just any roofer! Research and shop around until you find the best roofing company for roof replacement in and near Lakeland. Residential Roofing Depot is here to help!

If you think you are in need of roof replacement, call Residential Roofing Depot to get the best value for your hard-earned money. We will always provide you with the best quality of service from start to finish. After you get your inspection with us and choose us as your roofing company, we’ll be with you until well after your roof replacement is complete. If you ever have any questions during the process, we’re here to answer them for you.

You can feel confident that our roofing technicians will carry out the entire project with utmost competence, skills, and professionalism. Whether it is about the quality of the roofing material or the quality of the installation, we provide you with the best of the best.

We will always provide you with the best customer service and make the roof replacement process as easy as possible for you. Give us a call today to get started – we’re here to help you with all your roofing needs!

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  1. Last week, I talked with my sister about replacing her roof before the rainy season arrives. I liked that you explained how we could make sure our roofing contractor is reliable and professional, so I think my sister could really use your tips. Thanks for the advice on checking a roofer’s past projects before hiring one.

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